Graphic Design Jobs That Are High Paying

Graphic Design Jobs has its specializations and branches. The design of almost everything we encounter is to one degree or another: from our apartments to the entire Internet.

In this blog, you will know about directions of design for you to choose a profession.

Graphic Design Jobs Have Undergone A Few Changes.

Working as a graphic designer means having artistic and creative talent and knowing how to use it in multiple sectors.

The new technologies have made it possible to interpenetrate graphics and marketing and advertising strategies requiring professionals to become multiple tasking. Like, stay updated on the media and software available to them. The knowledge of online strategies to attract new customers and work to serve the companies and businesses on the web has opened new doors to make graphic design a fundamental discipline.

How do you start such a career, what are major Graphic design jobs, and how much does a Graphic designer make?

Web Designer

More than a thousand new CVs of web designers appear on HR PORTALS every month. It indicates high competition in the profession. However, do not be afraid of this: there are few specialists, so it will not be tough to stand out and find a job. Average salary around 50K Dollars PA

The main thing is to develop your skills.

A web designer’s job lists can vary greatly depending on job title and pay level, but usually, every web designer knows how to:

  • Develop a unique design for websites;
  • Design the site structure and navigation;
  • Understand the basics of usability and layout;
  • Understand graphic editors ( Sketch, Photoshop);
  • Work with typography

Graphic Designer

Graphic design is one of the oldest and most sought-after areas. This speciality implies rendering of images, attention to detail, and thinking abstractly. Because when creating a logo or icon, it is crucial to convey the idea through a simple but original drawing. He even designs Product – Average salary of around 89K Dollars PA can be expected from this job.

The duties of someone who is working in a graphic design jobs include:

  • Ability to work in graphic editors (Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign, Corel Draw);
  • Creation of the design of graphic and printed products (booklets, posters, etc.);
  • Making logos, corporate identity, and design of advertising campaigns;
  • Creation of presentations;
  • Draw layouts for printing

Advertising Graphics Specialist

Such designers create powerful advertising campaigns, entire worlds for movies and games, and retouch images and work in 3D packages.

Let’s not deceive you: to become successful in this area, you have to spend a lot of time developing skills. But it’s a fun and lucrative field where every working day is a real adventure.

Some specialists in this fieldwork in 3D, others only in Photoshop, and still others are fluent in several programs. Generally, an advertising graphics specialist creates a photorealistic visualization based on the provided sketch.

If you are looking for a high paying Graphic Design Jobs, it’s time to make your dreams come true. The profession is at the peak of its popularity, it is well paid, and you can learn it in 9 months. Moreover, digital design has many directions: both an artist and a mathematician, who is far from creative, will find a specialty to their liking.

To make your choice easier, together with the contented online school, we will briefly consider the most popular design professions. How they differ? Which one is better suited? Where can you take courses without “water” with a focus on practice? And what are the development prospects for a designer?

Graphic design Jobs: For Those Who Like To Paint

If you are yet to decide on your designing field, know a bit about a graphic designer. Plus, get to know the basics of graphic design that will help you develop in different directions.

It is the graphic designer who makes the lilac Milka chocolate bar. Who draws the new icon for Google Drive and the infographics that we see in the news. It can develop:

  • The spectacular appearance of packages, covers, posters, billboards, business cards, and postcards;
  • Corporate identity of brands: from font and logo to business card;
  • Digital content: from banner ads to the interface

A graphic designer needs to visually express the customer’s idea in such a way as to make the company or product attractive and memorable, so the profession is suitable for creative people with developed imaginative thinking. This will further more strengthen your position to get better Graphic Design Jobs.

  • The basics of developing any images;
  • Use of Photoshop, Illustrator, and Figma;
  • An in-depth course on corporate identity or choosing from interface design

In the classroom, students practice various tasks: from creating banners and posters to website layout and brand book. They can add this to their portfolio. Plus, during their training, they perform few tasks according to the brief of a real customer. And at the end of the courses, the online school CONTENTED helps its students find work.

Graphic Design: A Profession for Those Who Like To Create a Beautiful Ecosystem. The Web Designer Plans to Arrange Different Blocks and Elements on the Site. So That It Is Beautiful, User-Friendly, And Does Not Interfere With The Targeted Action.

Web designers create layouts:

  • Online stores;
  • Landing pages;
  • Web interfaces of any sites and applications;
  • Templates for online newsletters, etc

A web designer (Part of Graphic Design Jobs) designs the visual part taking into account HTML layout. However, over time he can additionally learn to be a layout designer. Then his profession will be called “full-stack designer.” Multi-skilled professionals are more valued, and it becomes easier for them to find high paying jobs.

The direction is in demand because the business is moving online. Therefore, if, looking at the news block on the site, you think it is better to place it horizontally and slightly reduce the banner, this is a profession for you.

In the graphic design course, you learn how to create websites, landing pages, presentations, and banners. The program includes modules:

  • About the basics of web design and working with graphic editors;
  • Audience research;
  • Marketing and creation of long reads

If you have long dreamed of becoming a designer, it’s time to start!

It is one of the most creative and time-consuming but exciting and highly paid design professions. Having received it, you can get a job not only as a designer but also as a computer graphics artist or editing director.

This Graphic Design Jobs is ideal for those who would like to work in filmmaking, admire graphics, and love variety. Besides, the profession is also suitable for acting designers who want to develop further. An animation designer is a screenwriter, sound engineer, and several other jobs in one, so it definitely won’t be boring.

Interactive Media Design: If You Want To Connect The Real With The Virtual

Have you noticed the stunning lighting effects and animated screensavers at the concerts, which synchronize with the artist’s voice and movement? It is one of the tasks of an interactive media designer. It can create objects and interfaces:

  • For advertising campaigns and presentations;
  • Shows, music, and entertainment events;
  • Exhibitions and museums

The main task of an interactive media designer is precisely to involve people in interacting with an object, which in the future often works well for brands. Moreover, each next project can be completely different from the previous ones. Today it is a concert-show, and tomorrow it is an event in the park using touch interfaces.

The specialty is suitable for those who can work at the intersection of design, and technology and expanding their arsenal of tools due to recent trends regularly.

From All the listed Graphic Design Jobs, its time to choose and work upon these streams and choose a better career.

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