What Is Graphic Design | Can You Make Career In This?

If you are wondering about what is graphic design? then you’ve come to the right place. In this article, I will give you all the necessary information about graphic design, types of graphic design & its application in our day to day life.

In 2020, work from is the key aspect of our lives and while some of you have the liberty of working from but there are some unfortunate too.

I know some way or other you stumbled upon a term called graphic design but really didn’t give a thought about it before. This pandemic showed us how valuable our jobs can be if we have the liberty of working from anywhere.

What Is Graphic Design: Definition of Graphic Design

Graphic design is communicating your ideas to others via images, shapes, lines, etc. It is also known as communication design as it’s all about communication but in the visual form. A design can be aesthetically pleasing, creative and informative but not necessarily. For example, a big company’s best creative explaining about their product as well as a 5-year-old kid’s painting can also be called graphics.

A graphic designer is who creates a visual either by hand or any computer software. The job of a graphic designer is to communicate his ideas to people via creating a visual physically or virtually using images, text, shapes or colours.

What Are The Basics Of Graphic Design?

There are mainly 7 basic elements of graphic design, from which you can turn any idea into a beautiful and appealing visual. These 7 basic elements are:

There are some principles, if you stick to them your visual will be aesthetically pleasing and will look practical too. Graphic Design Principles are:

  • Proportion
  • Balance
  • Contrast
  • Movement
  • Rhythm
  • Emphasis

What Are The Types Of Graphic Design?

There are many types of graphic design. In this modern world, most of the things you see around you are graphically designed by someone even this blog too. But, mainly there are 7 types of graphic design you can follow in 2022.

Visual identity / Branding

Have you ever heard about visual identity or branding of a company or brand? Graphic Design is which makes any idea into brand or create any company’s visual identity. For example how would you recognize a apple product? obviously by looking at apple’s bitten apple logo on the product.

So basically visual identity makes you recognize any company or brand by just looking at its logo. Visual identity can include but not limited to logo, business cards, stationery and packaging.

Advertising / Marketing

Visual communication is most used in Marketing or advertising. How many of you have purchased any product after watching an advertisement? I guess all of you. In recent years, many companies spending billions of dollars in advertising or marketing its product.

companies often hire either in house graphic designer or an agency for making visual that can later be used for marketing or advertisement purposes. These designers make newspaper / social media ads, infographics, email marketing templates, PowerPoint presentations, images for websites and blog, etc.

User Interface / User Experience – UI/UX Design

The term user interface and user experience is relatively new, but it’s in practice since the first website or application got created. User interface can be called as visual design of a website or application and user experience is all about seamless experience of a user on website/application.

UI/UX is one of the hottest jobs in the world right now. It includes user interface design, web page design, theme design, game interface design, android and iOS app design.

Motion Graphics

In 2020 YouTube is growing is like anything, more and more companies want to showcase and sell their product through YouTube. Motion graphics design is also know as video editing and composing but not limited to it. Movies, Tv serials and commercials all wants to add some extra effect in their video.

Motion Graphic designer can work on advertisements, logo animation, movie trailers, video tutorial, gifs, video presentations and many more.

Environmental Design

When I say environmental graphic design that means when you look around you’ll see so many signage, navigation, wall murals etc. Those are also part of visual communication as you don’t need to be told where to go, you just look at those signs and you know where to go.

Environmental graphic design can also be used in branding of offices, museums, public transportation, events, exhibitions, conferences etc.

Illustrations & Art Design

Above all the types of graphic design, this one is my personal favourite & this is the most creative one too. Art and illustrations include comic books, book covers, concept arts, infographics, album art, video game, graphic novels and many more. Art can be traditional like hand drawing and digital too like digital paintings and illustrations.

Print / Publication Design

Last but not least is print design or you can call it publication design. This is the most up to date design type and there will be no denial if I call it a trend setter. We often pick up a magazine for ideas and then implement in our day to day like some way or other.

This type of graphic design include newspapers, newsletters, magazines, catalogues, annual reports, directories etc.

Common Misconception About Graphic Design

As we are growing digitally very fast, visual Communication will in demand for at least 15-20 years or more. Still, there are so many myths around this profession infect most people in developing countries doesn’t see it as a profession only. With that in mind let’s clear some misconception about graphic design.

Is graphic design in demand?

It is very much in demand and will be in demand for the next 15-20 years or more specially UI/UX Design. There is no sense in this thought that a profession like visual communication will be out of demand. Let me explain, every day countless new applications are getting made & new companies being formed. They will need a designer for designing as well as managing.

I need degree to be a Graphic Designer?

No, you don’t but you will need a diploma in graphic UI/UX design or experience working on designs.

Graphic Design and UI/UX Design are the same?

No, both are the part of visual communication but graphic design is more wide term and user interface design is a small part of that.

It is not a high paying job?

According to Glassdoor, the average graphic designer salary in the USA is around 45k a year which is more than average pay. In some cases salary varies from company to company, big companies often pay around 60-70k dollars a year. Besides that, a designer can also work from home as a freelancer and will be able to earn more than that. So, it is a very high paying job depending on your skill level.

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