15 Must-Watch Netflix Movies & Documentaries For Graphic Designers To See

In the current AI-inspired and competitive graphic designing era, achieving success completely depends on staying informed. Evolving yourself in graphic design is crucial and has become a necessity. Fortunately, you can find many references and inspirations with just a click of a button on your computer, tablet, or phone. Netflix offers a trove of treasures in the form of Netflix movies/documentaries to keep you inspired as well as entertained. These Netflix Movies or Documentaries will provide you with a wide range of insights, from the history of some of the most iconic fonts/typefaces to the thought process of the best creative minds in the world of graphic design.

Here I am with a list of 15 must-watch Netflix movies & documentaries, we will learn about
principles of design and stories behind design movements that were very influential & will give a deeper understanding of the evolution of design. No matter if you are a seasoned graphic designer seeking a fresh take or perspective or a professional looking for inspiration, these Netflix movies and documentaries surely help you with your creative needs and increase your knowledge. So grab your tablet, and phone along with popcorn and get ready for a thrilling exploration of design to help you reaffirm your passion for art and design.

Here is the list of 15 Netflix movies/documentaries every graphic designer must-watch

1. Minimalism

Although minimalism’s roots extend far beyond modern-day trends, the concept of minimalism has gotten the attention of graphic designers in recent years. This documentary shows the history and origin of minimalism & how it became the design style in the era where everyone tried to fill design with pieces of information. it delves into some beautiful concepts such as less is more and what is clutter-free and simplified design. you can watch this documentary on YouTube as well.

2. The People’s Designer

The People’s Designer is a Netflix movie/documentary about a creative designer who has worked for brands like Adidas and Moschino. This is a story about Jeremy Scott and his creative life journey and a touching reminder that even the most talented and gifted designers face criticism and misunderstanding of their work too. These things are universal and if you are also encountering similar challenges too, this Netflix Movie will surely help you get a new perspective. Watching this Netflix Movie will give you a sigh of relief that you are not alone in this creative and artistic world that is facing such issues and give you ideas about how to overcome these challenges.

Netflix Movie By Jeremy Scott - The People’s Designer
Netflix Movie By Jeremy Scott – The People’s Designer

3. I Am Sun Mu (2015)

There are so many artists who sacrifice everything for their art and craft, I Am Sun Mu is a Korean documentary about such an artist. This Netflix Movie/documentary shows the journey of Mu as he prepares his show in secret and how a few unexpected turns force him, his friends, and his family, into a vulnerable situation. The documentary explores how a person goes to any length and takes any risks to save his friends, family, & art, and also how the loved ones suffer the consequences. [Watch Here]

I Am Sun Mu - Netflix Movie

4. The Creative Brain (2019)

Led by David Eagleman who thinks “Creativity is about reshaping what already exists, it isn’t about creating something new from nothing every time”. This Netflix movie/documentary shows the creative process of ideation, adaptation, and exploration. This will help you unlock and enhance your creative potential through facts presented in the documentary.

You will also learn about the neuroscience behind your creativity, and innovation and will help you understand the workings of a creative mind.

5. Abstract: The Art of Design (2017)

Abstract: The Art of Design is a two-season Netflix documentary featuring eight prominent creative designers. Each episode gives a unique and creative intuition into the journey of these like-minded individuals. From learning their workflow techniques to difficulties they faced in their fields. This documentary features creative minds from various disciplines like architecture and graphic design.

6. Floyd Norman: An Animated Life (2016)

An Animated Life is a journey of Floyd Norman, an animator, writer, and comic book writer. With his films, he continues to leave a mark on the design industry at the age of eighty-four. As an American artist, he keeps his influence on the industry and you’ll get to know what challenges he faces and how he became a specialist Disney animator. Some say age is just a number but Floyd Norman shows that ageism is a challenge and you can take it as a battle or as an experience.

7. The Toys That Made Us (2017)

As a graphic designer, you are to be expected to innovate and create interesting products. In this Netflix Movie/documentary, you will learn how the most exceptional minds from history and all over the world create big franchises and share their journey and views. Sometimes they succeed and sometimes they face rejection too. This documentary is valuable if you are seeking a new perspective on your designs or life as a graphic designer. Also, you will learn a valuable lesson from top industry designers that when you design you should expect successes and failures both.

So take a nostalgic journey through some of the most iconic toys of the past & learn about the ideas that what design stories led them to become beloved by children.

8. The 100 Years Show (2015)

As you must have guessed by its name, ‘The 100 Year Show‘ is a Netflix Movie/Documentary about an artist who has completed her 100 years of age. Released in 2015, this is the story of Carmen Herrera, a Cuban-American minimalist abstract painter. The documentary is beautifully made and shows the artist’s journey towards her 100th birthday. Regardless of her age, Carmen Herrera became known as one of the most well-known artists of her time, with utmost dedication to her craft throughout her life. [Watch Here]

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9. Struggle: The Life and Lost Art of Szukalski (2018)

This documentary is based on the artistic journey of Polish artist Stanislav Szukalski. Co-produced by Leonardo DiCaprio and his father George, this documentary digs into the thunderous life of Szukalski. Szukalski was known to be a troubled genius who created his language and sharpened his skill as a self-taught sculptor. His life takes a devastating turn when his artworks were lost during a Nazi bombing.

10. Helvetica (2007)

Helvetica is a Netflix movie about history’s most iconic font/typeface and its impact on design in general. Helvetica’s evolution and its ever-increasing relevance in modern culture is very significant. Whether you are a graphic designer or simply just a layman, you must have encountered Helvetica’s presence around you. This documentary explores this font’s presence in modern design and its relevance in typography in general.

11. Graphic Means: A History of Graphic Design Production (2016)

For over a decade, graphic design techniques have transitioned from traditional methods to digital processes. “Graphic Means: A History of Graphic Design Production” is a Netflix Documentary that explores the evolution of graphic design through archival footage and interviews. Take a glimpse into the past and present of graphic design craftsmanship and innovation that have changed the current generation’s visual landscape.

12. Pressing On The Letterpress Film (2017)

You must have heard about the Letterpress printing method. Pressing On: The Letterpress Film is a Netflix documentary that shows the process, evolution, and importance of this printing method in the history of graphic design. The documentary celebrates the beauty of artistry, aesthetics, and fine imprints behind printed materials. So take a nostalgic journey of traditional yet relevant letterpress printing techniques with experts.

13. Design & Thinking (2012)

This Netflix movie offers a unique perspective on how anyone, with the help of design, can completely transform any simple thing into an eye-catching marvel. Some call it the transformative power of design, and some call it problem-solving ability. But for sure this is possible only with the help of the principle of design thinking. Through real-world examples and industry experts, you will learn how this inspired various fields and encouraged problem-solving. If you are interested in the amalgamation of strategy and creativity then this documentary is a must-watch for you.

14. Objectified (2009)

Design is everywhere you look around you, even the everyday objects you use have been designed by someone. From local household items to big tech innovations, this Netflix documentary explores how these objects impact our daily lives. We often overlook the story behind the things we use daily, “objectified” gives you a glimpse into the convergence of form, function, and cultural significance through the help of interviews with designers. This Netflix documentary encourages you towards a deeper appreciation for the objects and forces you to reconsider your relationship with the material world.

15. Design Canada (2018)

Design Canada is a Netflix Movie that celebrates the history and impact of Canada on graphic design. It shows the role of Canada’s designs in carving the country’s identity. With the help of brilliant storytelling and prudent interviews, the movie focuses on iconic design & beautiful creative minds behind them. Explore this captivating story of Canadian visual culture.

These Netflix movies & documentaries offer valuable perspectives, inspiration, and knowledge for design enthusiast to amplify their understanding of the creative process and the role of design in shaping the modern more creative world around us.